Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions

Prestonwood needs volunteers to support all the wonderful activities, events and programs that make our school the best in the district!  Here are some FAQs about volunteering:

Q: How do I become a volunteer?

A:  First thing you need to do is full out the Volunteer Application with the district.  A link for the application is located in the Volunteer section under Background Checks.

Q: What if I work and can't volunteer during school hours?

A: No problem!  There are plenty of ways you can volunteer that don't involve being at school during the day like assisting Hospitality Committee at evening PTA events or helping tabulate orders for Fundraising...or helping to proof the Directory or Yearbook....and even asking your child's teacher for a take-home project to help them out.

Q:  I'm not interested in any of the categories shown here.

A:  No problem, just email me and let me know what you are interested in doing and I will find something for you!  

Q: I want to chaperone my child's fieldtrip...what do I do?

A:  Let your child's teacher know and they'll sign you up.

Q:  I can't really donate my time because I'm really busy...anything else I can do?

A: Yes!  We always need other kinds of donations like specific items your teacher might request...or props for a school play...or our Feed the Panther event in the Fall and Online Auction in the spring.

Q: Why should I volunteer?

A:  Prestonwood couldn't offer many of our events without the support of our amazing parents.  Volunteering is like 'sweat equity' and the district notices all the hours our parents put in supporting our school.  

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