2021-2022 Board Members






President Beth Lloyd   president@pwepta.org
1st VP – President Elect Carrie Farrell   firstvp@pwepta.org
2nd VP – Programs Jessica Sanez Cathy Nanni vpprograms@pwepta.org
3rd VP – Membership Jill Flanders   vpmembership@pwepta.org
4th VP – Ways & Means Annie Roche Kristi Clark vpwaysandmeans@pwepta.org
5th VP – Carnival Jana Boone & Jaime Lyons   vpcarnival@pwepta.org
6th VP - Communications Brooke McCollum Lindsey Ray newsletter@pwepta.org
Secretary/PTA Office Katie Tom   secretary@pwepta.org
Treasurer Tiffany Burgess  Lauren Lopez treasurer@pwepta.org
6th Grade Rep Kate Hoedebeck   6thgrade@pwepta.org 
Book Fair Autumn Meaney Elizabeth Hanlon bookfair@pwepta.org
Capital Projects     capitalprojects@pwepta.org
Clothes Closet Jen Erasmus   clothescloset@pwepta.org
Community Partners Kendra Dahlberg   communitypartners@pwepta.org
Council Delegate Tiffany Menerey   councildelegate@pwepta.org
Dads Club Rep Eric Dahlberg Justin McCarthy dadsclub@pwepta.org 
Disbursements/Giving Tree Tysha Lusso   disbursements@pwepta.org
Future Panthers Traci Redding  Nicole Cox futurepanthers@pwepta.org 
Healthy Lifestyles/BFD Karen Burnell Jennifer Dickerson healthylifestyles@pwepta.org
Historian/Yearbook Rebecca Tuminello Adam Flath yearbook@pwepta.org
Homeroom Jennifer Wyatt Stephanie Poorman homeroom@pwepta.org
Hospitality Kim Critcher Meghan Mehrens hospitality@pwepta.org
International Literacy Night Nancy Samaras Lindsay Lane international@pwepta.org 
Kinder Graduation Miranda Bennett   kindergarten@pwepta.org
Panther Events Lexie Horner Alaina Jeanblanc pantherevents@pwepta.org 
Parliamentarian Lindsay Craig   parliamentarian@pwepta.org
Principal Pam Aitken   pam.aitken@risd.org 
Reflections Program Terah Clifton   reflections@pwepta.org
SAGE/Diversity & Inclusion     sage@pwepta.org
Spirit Wear Brett Jeanblanc Taylor Montesi/ Amanda Goins spiritwear@pwepta.org
Sports and Grounds Kate Dozier David Dozier sportsandgrounds@pwepta.org 
Supply Sale Jessica Nunez  Amanda Franklin supplies@pwepta.org
Teacher Representatives Helen Lyon    helen.lyon@pwepta.org 
Translator Nellie Tovar   translate@pwepta.org
Used Book Fair     usedbookfair@pwepta.org


  • First Vice President (President Elect): Assist president as needed; coordinate and submit volunteer hours to council.  Keeps up with board position responsibilities and document necessary changes. Serve on Budget, Disbursement, and Nominating Committee.  (s), 4-6
  • Second Vice President (Programs): Organizes extra programs for all students outside of the regular programs the school offers.  Works with school principal on type of program to bring in and available schedule. Typically provides 3-4 programs during school hours for the school year. (m), 6-8
  • Third Vice President (Membership): Coordinate PTA membership sign-up throughout the year.  Typically has a booth at Supply Sale along with some general meetings.  Solicits membership through newsletter and Tuesday Folder flyer.  Create membership roster and submit to Texas PTA. (s), 2-4
  • Fourth Vice President (Ways & Means): Responsible for fundraising events at Prestonwood. Typically coordinate ~2 fundraising events, Feed the Panther starting in August thru October and the Online Auction starting in February. (m), 6-8 with heavy time during fundraising events
  • Fifth Vice President (Carnival): Organize committee of parents to plan, set-up, run, and take down the Carnival.  Coordinates carnival vendors, food, games, and ticket sells.  Distributes communication of carnival to community.  Carnival is usually held in the fall close to Halloween. (l) – heavy months of Aug, Sept, Oct
  • 6th Vice President (Communications): Prepare and distribute information to the school community regarding PTA and school functions and news via the PTA website, printed and electronic newsletters, foyer calendar and social media. (m), 6-8
  • Secretary: Take minutes at PTA board and general meetings; post general meeting minutes on foyer bulletin board.  Responsible for stocking the PTA office with necessary supplies (paper, pens, etc…) and in charge of the copier maintenance. (s), 2-4
  • Treasurer: Manage PTA funds, including deposits and expenses; Responsible for cutting checks for reimbursements.  Create monthly financial statements to report at board meetings; coordinate cashiers at Supply Sale and Carnival.  Chairs the Budget Committee. (s), 6-8

Committee Chairs:

  • 6th Grade Graduation: Coordinates 6th grade graduation and end of year party.  If extra funds are needed, works with 6th grade parents for a fundraiser. (s), 2-4 at end of year
  • Book Fair: Organize the book fair for the fall and spring. Including working with Scholastic to get the books, coordinating setup and getting volunteers to run book fair shifts. (s), 2-4
  • Capital Projects: Works with Disbursements Committee to research potential Capital Projects for the school. Present ideas to the Board/Membership for approval. Implements approved projects. (s), 2-4
  • Clothes Closet: Coordinate PWE’s participation in the RISD Council of PTAs Clothes Closet. Sends communication to school for items in need and gets parent volunteers to work PWE’s shift. (m), 2-4
  • Community Partners: Coordinates partnerships between the school and business community including, but not limited to, Family Night (In and Out), Grocery Cards and Box Tops. Also works with Book Fair to host Family nights at the school before the event. (s), 4-6
  • Council Delegate: Attends monthly RISD Council of PTAs meeting and report pertinent information to the executive board and coordinate participation in the RISD Council of PTAs annual play. Assist with Council projects, such as Used Book Fair, K-2 play and 5th concert. (m), 2-4
  • Dads Club Rep: Coordinates Dads of students to help with carpool line, dad for a day and off campus events. (s), 2-4
  • Disbursements/Giving Tree: Coordinate a list of the school’s special needs and coordinate approved disbursements with the treasurer. Holds quarterly committee meetings to stay up to date with school needs.  Obtains quarterly requests from teachers and posts them on the Giving Tree.  (s), 2-4
  • Future Panthers: Coordinate future panther events for parents not yet at Prestonwood. Keep up to date with PWE events and post on Future Panthers page. (s), 2-4
  • Healthy Lifestyles/Buddy Fun Day: Facilitate healthy lifestyles initiatives and environmental awareness including but not limited to Red Ribbon Week (October). Work with Mrs. Rodriguez to help coordinate the activities of Buddy Fun Day (May) and obtain volunteers to assist. (s), 2-4
  • Historian/Yearbook: Document the history of the association and to compile and keep a record of events and activities to be presented as the official history of the school year. Promote, sell, create and distribute yearbook; Take and gather classroom photos, individual, teacher and staff photos; Distribute yearbooks to students who purchase them (s), 4-6
  • Home Room Coordinator: Organize, train and support the homeroom parents and request their help when needed. Coordinate the stuffing of Tuesday Folders. (m), 6-8
  • Hospitality: Arrange and serve refreshments at teacher appreciation activities on a monthly basis and other functions. Coordinates the back to School PTA/Staff event and week-long events during Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring. (l), 6-8
  • International Literacy Night: Work with the teachers for the creation of student books. Coordinates parent volunteers in younger grade classrooms.  Helps on International Literacy Night setup in the Spring to help promote multicultural awareness. (s) 4-6
  • Kinder Graduation: Helps organize and coordinate the kindergarten graduation celebration at the end of the year.  (s), 2-4 May
  • Panther Events: Plans various PWE campus-wide events such as Peppermint Village, Mom & Muffins,  Dad & Donuts, and Trivia Night. (m), 4-6
  • Parliamentarian: Assists during meetings that bylaws are being followed and maintains rule of order. (s) 1-2
  • Reflections Program: Organize and coordinate the annual PTA sponsored Reflections Program that is in the October timeframe. Works with district on any works of art that advance.  (m) 6-8 in the fall
  • SAGE: SAGE stands for “Special and Gifted Education.” Serves as a liaison between RISD Council and PWE to provide education, advocacy, and support for the families and educators of RISD students with special needs and learning differences. (s) 2-4 
  • Spirit Wear: Designs and purchases spirit wear for PWE students, teachers and parents.  Puts Spirit Wear on Parent Connect along with sells it at Supply Sale, Carnival, last day of Fall semester, and Kindergarten Roundup.  Responsible for distributing items to children’s classes.  (m) 4-6
  • Sports and Grounds: Responsible for maintaining the school's sports and grounds. Develops protocol for usage and space rental. (s), 2-4
  • Supply Sale: Purchase and sell supplies at the supply sale and on Parent Connect. This role begins in the summer and is typically finished soon after school starts.  (m) 4-6
  • Translator: Help the PTA to translate communications into Spanish (s) 1-2

For the list of 2020-2021 Committee Chairs, click here.



·         (s) – will require a small amount of work during school hours

·         (m) – will require you to be at the school during school hours a few times throughout the year

·         (l) – will require you to be at the school during school hours often

·         # range – average hours per month (some months can be more or less than others).  Ex:  4-6 is average of 4-6 hours a month


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