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Pam Aitken – Principal


Natsanet Fesseha

Misha Hillstrom

Nellie Tovar


1st Grade

Shylana Enos

Heather Gibb

Jennifer Winn

Jennifer Montgomery


2nd Grade

Emily Hearne

Ed Twiss

Kristen Pelto


3rd Grade

Rebecca Sylestine

Elise Gutierrez

Jennifer Morgan


4th Grade

Karen Friswell

Stephanie Freese

Brooke Bolling

Ginny Simank


5th Grade

Chris Kazanas

Cindy Nicodemus


6th Grade

Mary Kamel

Gareth Copley

Allison McCarthy



Paige Kawar – Music

Deborah Clements - Music

Heidi Rodriguez – PE

Trent Starnes - PE

Brian Eddy – Art


Special Ed

Trina Szczepanik – SpEd

Taylor Allen - SpEd

Colleen Bardsley - Diag

Ingrid Delgado – Aide



Lauren Jackson



Brianne Hinojosa

Kelly Lisle



Dale Campbell


Computer Tech

 Dave Eastham


Campus Reading Specialists

Caitlin Fickling

Lindsey Jackson


Instructional Coach

Stephanie Saunders



Kendall Johnson



Cindy Anderson



Sharon Houghton –  Executive Assistant

Nancy McKamy – Student Data Specialist

Ivette Contreras – Clerk



Rina Gutierrez – day

Marco Meza – evening



Marina Melgar – Manager

Ester Garcia

Blanca Fienos

Ana Rosa Lopez





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