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 Missed the deadline to order online?  Print your grade-level's school supply list here.



Remember school supply shopping with your parents and picking a Lisa and Frank spiral, a candy scented eraser, and a pencil with sparkles on it? Those days are gone😲, and the new way is that everyone has the same 🤗. In fact, in most classes, supplies are sorted by type and dumped into a bin that the teachers keep and divvy out as lessons call for them. This helps keeps things organized in the classroom and is the teacher—preferred way. 


No in-person sale will take place at school, nor will supplies be offered on our PTA website.  Click here to be directed to the EPI site where you can purchase a grade-level supply kit that will be delivered to your child's classroom by the first day of school.


This is not a fundraiser for the PTA.  This is a service PTA offers to our families and the teacher-preferred method for school supplies at Prestonwood.  Families typically save up to 40% by utilizing this quick and easy online offer! 


For questions, please email our PWE PTA Supply Sale Chairs at







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