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Letter from Mrs. Aitken

Dear Prestonwood Elementary Neighbors,


We would like to express our gratitude for your patience with our recent campus construction. Thank you for always being such good neighbors to our school. We hope to have an Open House in the Spring to show off our renovated campus.


Can we ask a favor? We love dogs, but are having a significant issue with our students coming into contact with dog defecation while outside at recess. Currently, our fields are available to neighbors to bring their dogs up to play during non-operating hours, however, it’s important that owners clean up after their dogs. If you see neighbors playing with their dogs on our campus, can you please spread the word about this issue and politely encourage them to clean up?


This issue has forced some other RISD schools to prohibit dogs on school property altogether, and while we do not want to have to take that step if we can encourage our neighbors to cooperate, the health and safety of our students is paramount.  


Thank you so much for your support, and we appreciate any efforts to pass this letter along to homeowners in our area.



Pam Aitken


Prestonwood Elementary

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