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Our PWE PTA Giving Tree is online!


Each classroom teacher and other staff members that work with our kids have an individual wish list on Amazon. PWE teachers and staff can instantly update their wish list to include current needs! Parents are encouraged to visit the PWE PTA Giving Tree on Amazon and choose an item or two that you would like to contribute to our school. Once you purchase the item, Amazon will do all the work by shipping it directly to the school for that staff member. The hope is that all teachers will be able to replenish supplies that our kids use regularly, and be able to offer fresh new learning tools to their students. Items you purchase from the Giving Tree become property of PWE. Hence, if a staff member transfers grade levels or leaves PWE, the items stay with that grade level/classroom. We invite each of you to visit the online Giving Tree and grant a few wishes today! Please consider picking items from other staff members’ wish lists as well (Computer Tech, SpEd, Speech, ESL). 


You can find a link to each individual wish list here:  

K-2 Literacy Interventionist 

Staff Member Grade/Role Link To View Giving Tree 
Susie Mariani Kindergarten ESSR 
Margaretha Stenman Kindergarten 
Cindy Nicodemus Kindergarten
Heather Gibb Kindergarten
Elise Hernandez 1st Grade
Jennifer Montgomery 1st Grade
Joy Webb  1st Grade 
Jennifer Winn 1st Grade
Kasey Vallone 2nd Grade
Kristen Pelto 2nd Grade
Maggie Perez 2nd Grade 
Addie White 2nd Grade 
Emily Hearne 3rd Grade
Jessica Hancock 3rd Grade
Darby Knox 3rd Grade 
Rebecca Sylestine 3rd Grade
Brooke Bolling 4th Grade
Garett Copley 4th Grade
Ally Roberts 4th Grade
Mandy Johnson 5th Grade
Danielle Lopez 5th Grade
Chris Kazanas 5th Grade
Chris Cannon 6th Grade
Mary Altman 6th Grade
Brian Eddy Art
Teresa Jarinko Band
Angel Bravo Computer Tech
Helen Lyon Counselor
Brianne Hinojosa ESL
Nellie Tovar ESL
Jennifer Morgan Instructional Coach 
Erica Hoyt Librarian
Deborah Clements Music
Paige Kawar Music
Crystal Carpio Nurse
Erin Fox Orchestra
Heidi Rodriguez PE
Tanner Gooch PE
Michelle Burns ALT (Reach) 
Elizabeth Esparza SpcEd Aide
Melissa Campbell SpEd 
Taylor Allen SpEd
Trina Chewing SpEd
Lauren Jackson Speech
Kristen Bridges MTA
I’ve thought Golbuff MTA
Marjory Harris Math Interventionist
Marissa Eby  
Aaron Ward Vice Principal
Pam Aitken Principal
Rebecca Tuminello Executive Assistant



**Please remember to select the gift option for the item (if available), so you can type a sender’s note. 


Don’t forget, we have the opportunity to earn money for our school with the Amazon Smile Program if you order using You will need to set your charity to PTA Texas Congress 7740 Prestonwood Elementary Currently the Smile program is only accessible from a web browser (not the Amazon app). 



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