Get Involved - Volunteer!

Prestonwood needs volunteers to support all the wonderful activities, events and programs that make our school great!  Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1: Complete your volunteer background check 

If you wish to volunteer in the Richardson ISD and at Prestonwood Elementary for the school year, you must complete the RISD Volunteer Application.  You must resubmit this every year. 

Step 2: Review available volunteer opportunities under the Volunteer tab on the PWE PTA Website

Find an opportunity that interests you and works with your schedule and click the links to sign up!


Have questions about volunteering at PWE? Learn More>>


Record Volunteer Hours

Prestonwood gets credit for every single minute of volunteer time which is why reporting your time is so important.  All time helping out the school whether at home or up at the school counts as volunteer hours.  We track our volunteer hours monthly.

Please click the button below to submit your volunteer hours. 


Submit Volunteer Hours


Submit Yearbook Pictures

email pictures to yearbook@pwepta.org

Directory & Calendar App

Download the mobile-friendly Directory and Calendar in iTunes or the Google App Store by searching Membership Tool Kit.

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